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SeneDerm® Evening Moisturizer


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Rich moisturizer that allows skin the opportunity to repair, re-moisturize, and rejuvenate itself while you sleep.

  • Includes a concentration of precious oils, vitamins and botanicals that work while you sleep to re-moisturize and regenerate skin

  • Helps in repairing cells that were damaged during the day from exposure to weather, dirt, sun, smog, smoke, and other conditions that can harm the skin

  • Contains ingredients that are essential for slowing down the aging process and reducing wrinkle depth.


Relief for dry skin that reacts most dramatically to climactic elements and it susceptible to discomfort from exposure to heat, cold, wind and water. Works to protect dry skin from the effects of evening atmospheric conditions such as air conditioners and free radicals that increase aging. Features a one-of-a-kind “self-regulating” system to control the climate around the skin and establish a humidity level of 65-75%


Nourish your skin directly after washing with the 3-in-1 Cleanser. The DayTime Moisturizers provide protection from the sun equivalent to SPF 15 and act as the base upon which to apply MakeSense Foundation®. The Evening Moisturizers are made from the same ingredients as their daytime counterparts however, do not include sun protection. Instead, they offer day time SenePlex® to penetrate deeper into the skin as you sleep.